Fifth GradeCurriculum
(in the process of updating)

Essential Knowledge & Skills

Bud Not Buddy
Great Depression Articles and Readings
Grt. Depression Text.pdf
Great Depression Article 2.pdf

Read Theory Link:

Reading Log Copy
Reading log.pdf

Guided Reading Group Schedules: 
Guided Grps story elements.docx

This Week's Grammar:
Grammar Sentences 79-83.pdf
Subj.Pred.Learning booklet.pdf
Subj.Pred.WorkPacket wk.2.pdf
Practice Packet Fragments.pdf
Fragment Packet to turn in.pdf
Grammar Wk. 4 for iPad.pdf
Grammar week 4-5.pdf
Grammar week 6:Noun learning packet.pdf
Grammar week 6:Noun packet due Friday.pdf
Grammar week 7: possessive nouns lrng. Pckt..pdf
Grammar week 7:singular possessive nouns.pdf
Grammar week 8: SubjectVerbAgreement.pdf
Grammar week 9 part 1 & 2:Grammar week 9 packet verb tense.pdf
Grammar week 9 part 1 & 2:grammar wkshts week 9 rules.pdf
Grammar week 10 Helping Verb worksheets altogether.docx
Grammar Lesson 11 Pronouns Learning (1).pdf
Grammar Lesson 11 Pronouns Packet.pdf
Grammar Lesson 12 Pronouns Rule 12.pdf
Grammar Lesson 12 Pronuns Rule 13.pdf
Grammar Lesson 12 Prounouns final packet.pdf
Grammar Adverbs Lrng. Packet.pdf
Grammar Adverb Work Packet.pdf
Grammar 14 lrng packet.pdf
Grammar 14 work packet.pdf
Grammar Lesson 15 Prep. Lrng Packet.pdf
Grammar Lesson 15 Prep. Work Packet.pdf

This Week's Spelling Morning Work:
Spelling p13-16.pdf
Spelling 19-22.pdf
Spelling 25-30.pdf
Spelling 31-35.pdf
Spelling 37-42.pdf
Spelling 43-47.pdf
Spelling 49-53.pdf
Spelling 55-59.pdf
Spelling 61-65 copy.pdf
Spelling 67-72.pdf
Spelling 73-78.pdf
Spelling 79-84.pdf
Spelling 85-90.pdf
Spelling 91-96.pdf
Spelling 97-102.pdf

This Week's Word Study:
Word Work L1 .doc
Word Work L2.doc
Word Work L3.doc
Word Work L4.doc
Word Work L5 .docx
Word Work L6.doc
Word Work L7.docx
Word Work L8.docx
Word Work L9.docx
Word Work L10.docx
Word Work L11.pdf
Word Work UNIT 12.pdf
Word Work Unit 13.pdf
Word Work Unit 14.pdf
Word Work Unit 15.docx
Word Work Unit 16.docx
Vocab Workshop Unit 1.PDF